How to Write Great Hotel Review Responses

How to Write Great Hotel Review Responses

January 14, 2019

It’s imperative that hotel owners or managers must be quick to the keyboard in responding to guests’ reviews on all forms of OTAs and social media platforms.

Writing a quick response shows your establishment really cares about what people have to say, and especially in the case of negative reviews, a well-worded response can quell the stormy waters of an otherwise PR nightmare.

Here’s some tips on how to write great hotel review responses:

1.  The Good Review

Take the time to respond to even the most glowing review as it has great benefits. It encourages loyalty and turn those guests into brand ambassadors who recommend your hotel to others.

2.  The Mixed Review

In the case of a mixed review first thank the guest for choosing their hotel and writing the review, before reinforcing a positive comment and apologising for any issues the guest had.

3. The Bad Review

Responding to negative reviews is undoubtedly vital if you want to redeem your hotel not only in the eyes of the reviewer, but in the eyes of other potential visitors reading reviews. Ensure your response is timely, respectful, and thoroughly addresses all of the guest’s concerns in a well-worded and heartfelt message.

TripAdvisor found that 65% of their users are more likely to book with a hotel that responds to reviews (versus a similar hotel that doesn’t), and 85% of their users say a good management response to a poor review improves their impression of a hotel.

Article Source: TripAdvisor


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