TripAdvisor Launches Sponsored Placements

April 4, 2018

Hotel and resort managers would already know that the only way to ensure a top listing on TripAdvisor is to get great guest reviews and available rooms at competitive rates. Times are a changing as TripAdvisor has officially launched Sponsored Placements.

Sponsored Placements are for any hotel with available rooms that are willing to set an advertising budget, and is a member of the TripAdvisor’s
subscription Business Advantage program.

TripAdvisor introduced a similar program for its restaurant listings last year, and envisages expanding Sponsored Placement beyond hotels as well. 

The way the ad works is that a property gets a listing labeled Sponsored atop a TripAdvisor page. Consumers can click on the hotel listing and
navigate to its TripAdvisor property page for more information, or they can select one of the third-party links from various online travel
agencies without clicking to the property page.

TripAdvisor officials said more than 70 percent of the clicks from the sponsored listing go to the hotel’s TripAdvisor property page, which
is great news for hoteliers.

TripAdvisor said more than 10,000 property owners in 5,500 markets have run campaigns since Tripadvisor introduced the sponsored ads in a beta around
three months ago.

As we know TripAdvisor is still a must-have marketing component for hotels. For more information see TripAdvisor


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