Travel Trends To Watch in 2017

January 24, 2017

The airfare booking website has compiled its top five travel trends for 2017:

1.  The growth of low-cost airlines will continue with air fares hitting an all time low in 2016. Fliers will finally embrace bag check fees and other
pay-as-you-go costs and services to take control of their budgets.

2.  With airlines offering more budget options, overseas travel will be more accessible than ever. Agreements between Chinese and Australian airlines
will aid this phenomena as will new flights planned to Hong Kong and Beijing with Virgin Airlines.

3.  More airports in capital cities will be undergoing redevelopment and expansion with works planned for Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra Airports.

4.  Mobile booking technology continues to change the face of travel planning and search. Globally, Cheapflights already receives 60 per cent of demand
and over 40 per cent of revenue from mobile, and this is only set to increase.

5.  Travel as an experience increasingly eclipses just the basics of getting away. Next year will see an uptick in people looking to travel with purpose.


Australians are set to encounter many exciting developments in travel in 2017.

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