Making Hotel Rooms Available During The Daytime

September 28, 2016

There are many reasons for wanting to book a hotel room during daylight hours. Such as needing a nap during an airport layover or perhaps just a quiet space to get ready for a big night out.

There is now a new daytime booking service called Dayuse that aims to fill a gap in the market. The service, which allows customers to book rooms
for time slots ranging from two to eight hours, launched in Paris in 2010 and is now available in 14 countries worldwide with 2,000 hotel partners.

CEO and founder David Lebee claims rooms are 35-75 per cent cheaper than average night rates, with prices remaining the same whether booked minutes
before or up to six months in advance.

Nearly half the site’s users are business or transit travellers, needing a space to work or sleep.

Aside from benefits to consumers, Lebee says his service is also injecting money into the hotel industry by making use of rooms that would otherwise
remain idle.

Article Source: Travel Weekly

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