How to Extend the Guest Experience Beyond the Stay

September 5, 2017

Invest in a communications plan that builds upon getting more direct bookings from your guests, and leverage this expanded relationship to improve your local market share while reducing your booking costs for repeat visitors. Here are a few basic requirements for how to extend the guest experience
beyond the stay:

  1. Start with pre-arrival and let your guest know you are looking forward to their arrival and are fully prepared to host them. Offer practical tips for
    their stay such as weather forecast, transportation and local events happening.
  2. Continue with in-stay communication by sending a personal email to the guest from the Hotel Manager and follow up with property discounts and specials.
  3. Remember your thank yous by sending an email within a week after the guest has checked out to thank them for their stay. Consider sending them a special
    offer to entice them to return.
  4. Win them back – direct! Follow up a few weeks later with a thank you email for their past choice of your hotel and give them a direct channel promotion
    that includes a desirable room type at your best available rate. 
  5. Keep the conversation going. For a personalized touch, set up automated campaigns to invite them to spend their birthday with you. You can also use
    seasonal campaigns to your advantage – kick off the start of summer with a special offer for past guests, or wish them happy holidays.  

By committing your hotel to extending its interaction with guests beyond the stay, you will be able to leverage the revenue growth potential of the
OTA channels without paying for business you would have already received.

Article Source: Revinate

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