How Important Is Social Media In Marketing Australia As a Tourism Destination?

January 10, 2017

Cute animal posts on social media were judged as the best entries into the Australian Tourism Awards gala dinner to be held on 28 January 2017. 

Amongst the entries were the social media posts from the Australian Reptile Park showing George the Wombat’s adorable gait as he chased after ranger
Tim and Symbio Wildlife Park’s cute cuddly Koala, Willow with a Butterfly perched on her nose. Both of these social media campaigns went viral
with the wildlife parks having a notable increase in visits.

In addition Margaret River Discovery Company’s photograph of two moonlit kangaroos gained a lot of attention.

Federal Tourism Minister Steven Ciobo said social media was a great way to showcase the country as “almost everyone is on Instagram and Facebook”.

He also added: “This competition illustrates how important social media is in marketing Australia as a tourism destination and how adept our
industry has become at utilising digital and social media to attract international visitors.”

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