How Guest Reviews Can Be Used to Promote Your Hotel

July 2, 2018

Great guest reviews are every Hotelier’s dream. While many hoteliers recognize that a great online reputation is vital to ongoing sales, few actively use online reviews to their full advantage.


Here are four ways that online reviews can help promote your hotel:

1. Testimonials. People tend to be wary of direct advertising and sales messaging, especially if they are not familiar with the brand
or the sales representative. They have more trust in information and advice from other consumers, who are considered less biased. For this reason,
online reviews are powerful when used as testimonials from real guests. When guests love your hotel, and talk about it online, they become an integral
part of your marketing.

2. Responses to Reviews. Online reviews are not only an opportunity for travel shoppers to get insight into your property, they also allow
hotels the opportunity to respond, giving insight into the values and tone of your brand. Responding to negative reviews is especially important for
reassuring prospective clients should something go wrong with an event, group or corporate client. By aligning your sales messaging to your management
response strategy, you will help ensure that responses advance your sales goals.

3) Guest Intelligence. Online reviews and guest surveys are a valuable source of guest intelligence, providing feedback on why guests
choose your hotel, what they liked and disliked, and why they will (or won’t) come back. Feedback from guests of meetings, conferences, events
and tour groups can help sales managers tailor their pitches and know which strengths to emphasize in sales collateral, proposals and communications.

4) Competitive Insights. By reading reviews of competitors and comparing performance, hoteliers can gain critical insight into
their property’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relative to competitors. This information can be used to position the hotel
against competitors and develop the messaging you need to win business.

From providing authentic recommendations to helping to keep an eye on the competition, online reviews are much more than a barometer of success,
they are a valuable sales tool.

Article Source: ReviewPro




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