Hotel Guests Look For a Good Night's Sleep

October 26, 2016

A recent TripAdvisor survey has found that a good night’s rest impacts everyone with Fifty-five percent of travellers saying they look for hotel reviews that specifically address sleep quality.

Although hotels can’t cater to everyone’s sleeping quirks, they can certainly work toward providing a restful stay. The main areas that can be addressed

  • Bedding
  • Air Quality
  • Light
  • Time Travel

With bedding some hotel chains advertise top brand bedding and linen and even go as far as selling mattress and linens for home use.

Black-out curtains and/or darkening shades are a great investment for hotels as light impacts on quality of sleep as is noise pollution. Travellers should
and do expect a reasonable amount of quiet throughout their stay.

It’s important to provide a sleep-conducive environment, regardless of what time the clock displays. Hotel need to treat all travellers like they have
a “do not disturb” sign up and make it easy for them to provide feedback at a time convenient for them, rather than the other way around.

Article Source: Pebble Design




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