Hotel Email Marketing

August 8, 2018

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools a hotelier has to drive direct bookings and build guest relationships.

It’s also one of the most under-utilized. Here’s some ideas on how to use email marketing to promote your hotel and get more guests to your hotel:

1.  Put your PMS data to work by offering special discounts or incentives to rebook, reward loyalty with exclusive offers, drive direct bookings
and send relevant messages.

2.  Send booking emails that reinforce your brand right from the start and build guest enthusiasm.

3.  Send pre-arrival upsells and set the tone for a memorable stay.

4.  Stay connected with guests during their stay by sending personalised welcome messages and communicating need to know information.

5.  Send post stay emails and turn guests into advocates and third-party bookers into direct-for-life customers. Express gratitude, ask for feedback
and offer incentive to rebook direct.

Koncept Konnect can assist your hotel by setting up an email marketing campaign that is sure to keep guests coming back again and again.

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