How does blogging help my website?

January 17, 2020

So, Why Blog?

Blogging can help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) because it assists with important ranking factors.

When your website pages are updated frequently with posts that are high quality and on topics relevant to your potential guests, it will improve how your website performs in search engines.

Here’s a few reasons why …

Fresh, Current Content

Search engines, such as Google, don’t want to deliver searchers with irrelevant and out of date information. Websites that are regularly updated, signal to them that the website is current and offering fresh content.

Having a blog gives you the tool to publish new content on your site regularly.

 Encourage your Visitors to Linger Longer

Search Engines aim to deliver users with the info they are searching for. They don’t want a searcher to click on the first link, finds it unhelpful and immediately leave that page. If they click on the link and hang around for a while, it signals that the website was helpful.

A viewer who comes to your blog post via a search result is more likely to stay on the page for longer while reading through a blog, than someone who lands on a page with less content or information.

Internal Linking

A blog is an opportunity to include internal links on your website that direct users from one page on the site to another.

You can use the anchor text to advise what the page you’re linking to is about – strengthening the connection to your target keywords.

Internal linking also keeps readers on your website longer.

Valuable Keywords

Your blog posts give you an opportunity to strategically use SEO keywords and long-tail keywords in your content that your target audience may likely be searching for.

Connect with your Audience

Regular traffic and repeat website visitors, shows the Search Engines that people are finding your website valuable.

But just as importantly is connecting with your target audience and providing them with a valuable source of information.

A blog is a good way to make connections and start building relationships with the people you want to reach.

We recommend that in addition to blogging you also post links to your blogs and articles from your social media channels and EDM (email direct marketing) campaigns to help direct your customers to your website.

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