Australian Hotel Boom

December 14, 2016

Australian hotels are booming! This year saw Australia pass the 100,000 hotel room mark and it is forecast that over 4000 rooms will be added in 2017, and 5000 rooms in 2018, transforming every capital city across the country with new properties ranging from 500+ room internationally branded luxury
properties to intimate boutique hotels.

The last time Australia saw such increases in hotel accommodation was prior to the 2000 Olympics.

Hotel developers have become savvy, often converting existing buildings to hotel use due to the lack of land in our main cities.

Chair of  Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA), Martin Ferguson said the turning point for Australia was 2014, with the mining cities – Perth, Adelaide,
Darwin and Brisbane – the first to see a revival interest from hotel developers, with 10,000 rooms added since then. And while the resources sector
may have plateaued, international and domestic leisure tourism has largely filled the vacuum, with governments investing heavily in tourism infrastructure
to ensure the momentum is maintained.

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