Agoda Changes

September 26, 2018

Agoda announced two big changes to their platform this month:

1. Property Collect

This new option allowed for guests to pay at the property rather than to Agoda. In theory offering different options to guests is always a good
thing, not everyone wants to pay in advance for their accommodation or use their credit cards on websites. We also know that up to 45% of OTA business
is funnelled through pay at property platforms.

However, this new platform from Agoda also came with an added layer of complexity that instead of the property paying Agoda the commissions owed at
the end of each month, Agoda would automatically remove the monies owed from other bookings made through the Agoda collect platform.

This is understandably an accounting nightmare for any Management Rights/Strata properties. To be fair to Agoda – this management rights ownership
style is fairly unique to Australia and Agoda are a worldwide company.

So we have had all of our clients removed from Property Collect and if for some reason you would like to be a part of this program let us know and
we’ll have you reconnected.

2. ePass

Agoda’s second new initiative ePass is here to stay and not something that we can opt out of.

ePass Is Agoda’s new payment platform which allows you to batch reservations to get easily paid by enjoying improved security features.

All Agoda customers will have received an email outlining the new system and there is an attached video that I would encourage you to watch. Should
you have any further questions or need help with accessing payments do not hesitate to contact Agoda directly.

But in the meantime here’s a quick guide to accessing payments:

See important steps for payment collection below:

1. Log in to our extranet –

2. Click on the ” ePass” tab in the top navigation menu

3. In the “Current Transactions” section, select the bookings you would like to charge (All chargeable bookings will be automatically selected as approved
by default)

4. Click on ” Next” at the bottom of the page.

5. On the next screen, click on “Submit” to receive your (UPC) Virtual Card.

6. Take payment from the virtual card as usual.

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