5 Strategies for Making Booking Accommodation Mobile Friendly

August 29, 2016

According to the recent TripAdvisor 2015 TripBarometer survey, customers are growing increasingly comfortable using their mobile devices to book and pay for trips. Nearly half of respondents said they used their phones to reserve accommodation or a travel activity. 

Here are five items every hotel needs in its mobile marketing toolkit:

1.  The Strategy – develop what’s called a “mobile enabled guest experience.” The goal is to create interactions and events customers will want to
share with their networks, such as photo opportunities in rooms and common areas for guests to share on Facebook.

2.  Responsive Online Presence – create responsive websites and email templates that adjust to the viewer’s screen, whether it’s a 27-inch monitor
or a 4-inch iPhone screen.

3. Online Booking Tools – make sure your site features mobile booking tools so that the customer can click through to your site and book without having
to make a phone call.

4.  WiFi – guests travelling outside their mobile provider’s network can’t share photos and updates about your business on social media if they can’t
access the internet. Make sure your Wi-Fi signal is strong and easy to access in rooms and common areas. 

5.  Mobile Payments – a mobile payment tool may be helpful in checking out a large number of guests. Rather than buying additional cash registers
and setting up multiple front desks, staff can process guest payments from their phones and tablets. 

Article Source: TripAdvisor







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