5 Simple Ways to Improve your Hotel Sales

August 6, 2019

  1. Create Customised Packages and Promotions

By creating special packages targeted to specific audiences you can be sure to impress your new guests. Creating special packages for different target markets shows that you are listening to your guests needs. Think about how you could package up different rate inclusions for different target markets for example Corporate and Business Travellers or Leisure Travellers.

  1. Mail Outs Targeting Past Guests

Send newsletters and emails to your past guests. Talk about what events are happening near your Hotel and offer special discounted rates to your pasts guests to encourage them to book at your Hotel again.

  1. Social Media and Blogging

Blog about events that are happening near your Hotel and link back to your website. Offer special promotional rates to encourage new business to your Hotel. Create social media campaigns targeting different audiences to drive traffic to your social media pages and website to attract direct bookings.

  1. Guest Rewards Sales Strategy

Most travellers value the opportunity to earn rewards points. You can do this by creating a loyalty rewards program which rewards guests for staying frequently, upgrading or making additional purchases, referring friends and family. Reward programs generate repeat bookings and help to build loyalty databases which can assist with future marketing campaigns.

  1. Partnerships

Create partnerships with local businesses such as restaurants, days spa’s etc to offer added value to your guests and to offer a unique competitive advantage. Partnering up with local businesses in your area can help to promote your Hotel to their clients and vice versa.  You can advertise these value adds on your website and social media pages to attract direct business to your door.

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