3 Tips to Get Direct Hotel Bookings

February 9, 2017

Hotel operators need to offer legitimate benefits for guests to ditch their OTA booking habit and book direct with you instead.

Most hotels are smart enough to offer guests convincing reasons to book direct, however they hide these reasons deep inside their website. Or, only
display them once the guests make it to the booking engine.

Here’s 3 tips to highlight your direct booking benefits front and center to amplify your chances of guests booking direct:

1.  Reinforce best price guarantee by continuously reinforcing the message on your website or via promotions such as social media, that booking
direct is in their best interest.

2.  Simplify your design and booking process by creating a visually arresting story. Select only your most stunning images, cut down on unnecessary
text and reformat current text so it is easier to digest.

3.  Highlight booking benefits by going beyond the standard Best Rate Guarantee and showcase the perks that only guests who book direct can

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